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Hello 2021!

by Francis Pelland on February 02, 2021

We started Fumana in September 2020, not really knowing what to expect.  We put in a lot of effort into putting together our first website, our product listings, and getting everything tuned. We learned a LOT.  Nothing prepared us for the holiday rush, with orders coming in at unexpected rate during our Black Friday sale.

After the holidays, we took some time to think through what worked, what didn't and what we want to bring to the community.  This is why we've taken on not only a redesign of our site but building a new exciting set of products.


Sublimation and heat press allows us to offer more vibrant colors for our mugs, tumblers, but also now allows those products to be dishwasher and microwave safe! The same process can be used to make shirts, sweaters, hats and other fabrics. We are building 


Lithophanes is a 3d printing process that depending on the thickness lets different amount of light.  This allows us to take any 2d photo and turn it into 3d. But throw some light and the picture comes to life.

3d Printed Decor and Figurines

3d printing allows for shapes and designs you can't normally get through other manufacturing means. We are working on funky vases, fun models, and creating products people will want to show friends and family.  

Happy 2021

We're looking forward to showing you what we are working on! We love custom requests, keep sending them our way. 

Stay tuned! :)