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Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option
Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option

Mystery Minis - Grab Bag - Egg Option

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It's time for a mystery! Get them while they are hot, these fidget mini packs bring a realm of variety into a small package, packing beautiful colors and details.

You can choose from our standard minis, a mix of standard and premium, or all premium.
If you choose a mix, you will have at least every 1 in 3 being a premium!

Each pack is guaranteed to have no two of the same item in the same color and we will do our best to avoid two of the same item whenever possible. Minis will be made in colors of our choosing, but if you have preferences let us know in the personalization box or order notes and we will do our best to accommodate.

Grab bags or grab EGGS securely house your minis for transport but a great way to put them away. Each pack, whether 3, 5, 8 or 10 have guaranteed premium minis

Premium Minis:
- Detailed Axolotl
- Detailed Bearded Dragon
- Detailed Bunny
- Detailed Raccoon

Regular Minis:
Axolotl, Shark, Dolphin, Lizard, Shark, Frog, Turtle, Crocodile, Dinosaurs, Crocodile, Pig, Dragon, Fox, Bee, Narwhal, Cupcake, Manatee, Seal
!!! And many more !!!

We are always adding new items each month, so keep an eye out!

ğŸŽ¨ Customize Your Fantasy!
Welcome to a realm where custom orders are embraced!

🚨 Safety Disclaimer:
Parental supervision advised.
Dragons contain pointy parts.
Our products are not intended for children three (3) and under.
3D printed items might have hidden flaws and small parts that could present a choking hazard.
Large toys are more suitable for children as they have stronger parts.

Fumana is an authorized maker of this beautiful designs by Tracy Francis aka CinderWing3D, Printverse and MatMire Makes.

These SILK colors are SO cool, shifting between 3 beautiful colors
- TRIMAGIC Macaw: Switches between Red, Yellow (Gold), Blue
- TRIMAGIC Toucan: Switches between Orange, Blue, Green
- TRIMAGIC Indigo: Switches between Red, Yellow (Gold), Purple
- TRIMAGIC Lovebird: Switches between Dark Red, Blue, Green
- TriMAGIC Metallic: Switches between Gold, Silver, Bronze
- TriMAGIC Lava: Switches between Gold, Red, Black

MAGIC: These SILK colors are brilliantly stunning, shifting between 2 beautiful colors
- MAGIC Deep Space: Switches from Blue to Purple
- MAGIC Emerald: Switches from Blue to Green
- MAGIC Frozen Gold: Switches from Gold to Silver
- MAGIC Sunset Sky: Switches from Red to Yellow
- MAGIC Peach: Switches from Yellow to Red
- MAGIC Frozen Lavender: Switches between Lavender to Silver

A random gradient of colors! Note that the larger the size the more colors you'll see. Each print will be totally unique, depending on size, we can see if "twinning" is possible if you want 2 of the same.
- Rainbow Chameleon: A darker rainbow, with green and light blue sparkles
- Silk Rainbow: Includes colors of the rainbow, silky finish
- Silk Pastel Rainbow: Light colors, silky finish

Regular Colors:
White, Black, Grey, Silver, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Peak Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange

Black, Grey, White, Arctic Teal, Blue, Red, Green, Lavender, Peach, Mint, Pink

Gold, Copper, Antique Gold, Silver, Black, White, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Light Red, Pink, Purple, Teal, Orange

Twinkling: Translucent colors with silver sparkles
Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Clear

Premium: Unique mixture of colors and textures, giving a premium feel
- Voodoo: Iridescent blue (changes from blue to purple) and blue, purple and red sparkles
- Galaxy Sky: Blue with purple and blue sparkles
- Starry Night: Dark grey with Gold sparkles
- Vertigo Grey: Grey with silver sparkles
- Very Cherry: Red with red sparkles
- Super Silver: Silver with Silver Sparkles
- Oh my Gold: Gold with Gold Sparkles